Supply List


For Art Class: K-2 students should bring one box of broad line Crayola (brand specific) markers (classic, bright, or bold) and for 3-5 students one tray of Prang or Crayola (brand specific) watercolors.

**The following items have been donated by the Back to School Teacher Store and do not need to be purchased!!
-Pencil Pouches
-Dry Erase Markers

We have received a very large donation from Target/Yoogi through The Back to School Teacher Store.  Students may want to check with classroom teachers before purchasing supplies. 

Kindergarten Supply List EWA Kindergarten Supply List 2017.docx

First Grade Supply List 1st Grade Supply List.docx

Second Grade Supply List 2nd Grade Supply List.docx

Third Grade Supply List 3rd Grade Supply List.pdf

Fourth & Fifth Grade Supply List  4th & 5th Grade Supply List.docx

ELP Kindergarten Supply List ELP K Supply List.pdf

ELP First Grade Supply List ELP 1st Grade Supply List.docx

ELP Second Grade Supply List ELP 2nd Grade Supply List.pdf

ELP Third Grade Supply List ELP 3rd Grade Supply List.docx

ELP Fourth Grade Supply List ELP 4th Grade Supply List.docx

ELP Fifth Grade Supply List ELP 5th Grade Supply List.pdf

Mrs. Phillips' Supply List Mrs. Phillips' Supply List.doc

Ms. Huston's (formerly Mrs. Vegh's Class) Supply List Ms. Huston 2-3 MI Supply List.pdf

Mrs. Clerget's Supply List Mrs. Clerget's Supply List.docx